Ahnentafel reports

Known information about an ancestor with a given ID.number is found by means of
the table below with the connection between generation numbers and ID-numbers.

From an ahnentafel report you can directly go to
parents if there is a link after the name and to
children who are included in the descendant chart.
These children have ID-numbers written with bold type.

Generation ID
First Generation 1
Second Generation 2-3
Third Generation 4-7
Fourth Generation 8-15
Fifth Generation 16-31
Sixth Generation 32-63
Seventh Generation 64-127
Eighth Generation 128-255
Ninth Generation 256-511
Tenth Generation 512-1023
Eleventh Generation 1024-2047
Twelfth Generation 2048-4095
Thirteenth Generation 4096-8191
14th Generation 8192-16383
15th Generation 16384-32767
16th Generation 32768-65535

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