Bengterik Ronne

1 Bengterik Ronne, I:1. Born on 16 Sep 1928 in Nset, Strm. Occupation: PhD, associate professor and earlier head of division.

Sources: (Father 2; Mother 3)

Bengterik, Ph.D. in Physics in 1962. I have

- Carried on Research in Physics at the universities in Uppsala, Stockholm and Ume and also at CERN in Geneva 14 years and published about 25 scientific articles with results from research within the field of elementary particle physics.

- As acting professor in Physics at the new university in Ume during the two years 1964-66 built up the fundamental training in physics and also some research at the new department of Physics.

- As deputy head of the training at University of Stockholm in the years 1969-74 been responsible of the planning of training and research at the Faculty of Natural Science.

- As deputy head of division at the Swedish Board of Universities and Colleges (UK/UH) been main responsible of the central planning of training and research at all Faculties of Natural Science and Faculties of Technology in Sweden.

- As deputy head of division at The Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) been main responsible for the planning of the activities within the Faculty of Forestry.

- After my retirement I have myself performed or contributed as secretary in more than 30 investigations in many different fields at the University of Agricultural Sciences. I have also worked nine years with administrative work at the Uppsala University of third age (homepage: www.upu.nu).

On 19 Jun 1954 when I was 25, I married Barbro Regestad, in Alunda.

We have the following children: i. Hans (1955-)
ii. Elisabeth (1959-)
iii. Erik (1965-)

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