The total number of known ancestors is today 2347 persons. Of these, however, 1451 are losses of ancestors.

A table in which is given links to all ancestors and their children is given. As all losses of ancestors are excluded we have 896 ancestors and 1343 children in the table.

The connections between all ancestors are shown in 29 descendant charts.

A big number of sources have been used in the investigations of the ancestors.

Detalied information about many of the persons in the descendant chart is shown in the ahnentafel reports.

By means of a search motor which has been written by our son Erik one can find much information about most ancestors.

Finally there are

Many new ancestors!

To the ancestor XI:197 Måns Nilsson we have a great number of real/probable/possible/uncertain new ancestors.

After a careful study of the sources of all possible new ancestors we will publish the ancestors we consider to be sufficiently reliable. This analysis will proceed some months.

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