Most information about my ancestors consists of results from the work of many other genealogists. Information about several ancestors is often given in more than one source. In some cases I get different data from the sources. This may be concerning the first name and year of birth and death. I have got most of my information from the following sources:

  • Strömsboken (The book about the parish Ström) which was published by the local folklore society in Ström during the years 1944-1972. Alfred Mattesson wrote the first 14 numbers. Lennart and Mauritz Trangius wrote the following 15 ones. In these booklets is reported known information about all persons who have lived in Ström, which has been collected from many sources.

  • Byar i Ström på 1600-talet (Villages in Ström during the seventeenth century) by Georg Hansson. Eight booklets published 1990-1997 with complementary data to these in Strömsboken.

  • Ströms hembygdsförening;(The year-book of the local folklore society in Ström) the annual 1932-1943.

  • Helgums socken, Byar och gårdar del I och II. (The parish of Helgum, the villages and farms, part I and II) by Harry Molund. In part I are reported inhabitants in Helgum from about 1530 to the beginning of the eighteenth century. In part II he continues the report up to 1893. In these books are found many short stories about the persons and also abstracts from Judgement books.

  • Min fars anor från övre Ådalen (The ancestors of my father from Ådalen) presented by Håkan Skogsjö on Internet. The descendant chart for the father of Håkan Skogsjö is partly identical with the one for my mother. In the descendant by Skogsjö are given many more sources.

  • Familjer I Edsele 1694-1808,(Families in Edsele 1694-1808) the family chronicle number 15 by the Genealogical association written by Håkan Skogsjö

  • Släkt och Hävd 1982-83. Per Zackrissons släkt, Edsele sn /Y) (The ancestors of Per Zakrisson from the parish Edsele) by Håkan Skogsjö

  • Leif Boströms mors antavla (The ancestors of the mother of Leif Boström) which also includes a number of other sources.

  • Bertil Johnson. Ancestor links in Western Ångermanland

  • Helge Nyströms familjeregister (The family register of Helge Nyström). In this are treated among others the parishes Sättna, Indal, Skön and Selånger. Nyström has by means of the Church books mapped the inhabitants in all parishes of Medelpad except Borgsjö. The results can be ordered from SVAR.

  • Av ris and rot (From twigs and root) by Tyko Lundkvist. This is a settlement historical report of the countryside along the river Lögdeälven. It was published in 1973.
  • Öreälvens byar. (The villages along the river Öreälven). Written by Tyko Lundkvist in 1989. In this is shown, by means of Churh books, Judgement books and other sources, how the rural districts Nordmaling and Bjurholm were cultivated and populated.

  • Olåt och munbruk (Noise and chatter) by Tyko Lundqvist in 1977. A study of human efforts and reactions collected from old Judgement books.

  • Thord Bylunds databas "Angur" (Thord Bylund's database "Angur"). This concerns at first hand ancestors to my grandmothers grandmother Brita-Lisa Jeansdotter.

  • Finnkolonisationen inom Ångermanland, Södra Lappmarken och Jämtland (The colonization by Finns of Ångermanland, The southern Lapland and Jämtland) by Richard Gothe published in 1948. A culture historical and settlement historical investigation from the 15-, 16- and 17- centuries.

  • Räfsten med jämtarna 1613 (The inquisition with inhabitants of Jämtland in 1613). Minutes from the examinations after the Baltzarfeud published by Hasse Petrini in the periodical publication from the ancient document association of Jämtland, number XI in 1959.

  • Vad som i Jansjö sig tilldragit haver under 450 år (What has happened in Jansjö during 450 years) by Per Persson 1991.

  • Mats-Ingvar Mattsson, Sundborn. Information concerning some ancestors from Ramsele.

  • Björn Espells släktdatabas. (The genealogical homepage of Björn Espell). it includes some ancestors from Hammerdal.

  • Härnösands stifts herdaminnen. Diocesan annals for the diocese of Härnösand collected by Leonard Bygdén.

  • Gärdnäset under tvenne sekel. (Gärdnäs during two centuries). Results from the work of a study circle 1985-87.

  • Några minnesanteckningar (Some memoranda) by my mother Jenny Ronne, 1976.

  • Mitt livs novell (The short story of my life) by my maternal uncle Axel Johansson 1995.

  • Georg Hanssons släktdatabas (The genealogical homepage of Georg Hansson).

  • Georg Hansson Familjer i Ström 1500-1820

  • Georg Hansson Familjer I Alanäs 1650-1820

  • Domböcker för Hammerdals tingslag 1664-1674 (Judgement books from the district-court area of Hammerdal 1664-1674) published on Internet by Georg Hansson.

  • Familjeregister för Ramsele socken 1500-1800talet (Family register of the parish of Ramsele during the years 1500-1900.) collected by Sune Menker 1986.

  • Junsele bönder 1600-1800 (The farmers in Junsele during the years 1600-1800) published by Agneta Olofsson in 1988.

  • Fjällsjö byar och gårdar 1600-1800 (The villages and farms in Fjällsjö during the years 1600-1800) published by Agneta Olofsson in 1990.

  • Nordantjäl I Ramsele. Människorna i en by under 300 år (Nordantjäl in the parish Ramsele. Men and women in a village during 300 years). Bo Lindwall in the yearbook 1999 of the genealogists.

  • Boken om Säbrå (The book about Säbrå) by Tyko Lundkvist 1971.

  • Roland Forsséns släkthemsida (The genealogical homepage of Roland Forssén) with much information about ancestors from at first hand Fjällsjö.

  • Nättidningen Rötter (ROOTS, published by The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies) from which much information is used. In each case there is a referensce to where in the ROOTS the information is published.

  • Last but not least my brother-in-law Sven Lundkvist, formerly director-general of the National Archives, who has given much good advice where sources are available and also has supplemented the information found in other sources.
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